Tips for using this collection:

You can search for a specific person or browse through all the pages

Searching Tips

 This collection has been indexed, so the system is searching a format like

Lumm, Charles O * Private, Army * Boonsboro, MD

Recommended Search Strings

Search by last name or first name.

For an uncommon last name, just type in the last name, eg Fry.

For a common last name you can enter the last name, and check each of the pages, or you could try searching for the name in the form of last name comma first as in Snyder, James.  If the last name comma first does not work, revert to the last name only and check all entries.


Search by town.

This is either the hometown of the parents of the veteran or the hometown of the veteran


Search by rank.

This was rank as interpreted by the newspaper and was current at the time of the article.

You will then see the pages where the search term appears. Click on a thumbnail or a title on the page to read more.

Browsing Tips

If you select browse all you will see the 79 pages of the scrapbook. Move from page to page using the arrows on the top right. of the screen.

To view images

Click on a thumbnail to see the image. The initial view is of the whole page from the scrapbook.  To size a page so that you can read the section you are interested in, use the icons above the image. You can either click on the plus Zoom In or minus Zoom Out signs or click on the slider and drag it whichever way you need to expand or contract image the image.

Click on Fit to Widthto have the image fill the width of the screen.

Click on  to return to full page of scrapbook

At the bottom of the image is a small bar. If you click, hold and drag your mouse up and down on that bar you can increase and decrease the size of the screen

Move from page to page using the arrows on the top right. of the screen.

Keep in mind this collection is of fewer than 800 entries and there were many more service personnel from the county.  You may not find an entry for the person you are searching for in Veda Carbaugh’s scrapbook.

For more on how to search the collection using advanced features see the ? Help button at the top of the page.